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"In all my 25 years plus nursing career I have never felt so appreciated, valued and respected as a nurse, so thank you. I feel so blessed to apart of the amazing BAYADA team."
-Roiseen, Community Staff Nurse
"Working in home care is actually more hands on than the hospital. It is more 1:1 basis, you get to do your full nursing care, you're not rushing from patient to patient and you have time to actually spend with the patient, it's proper nursing. That's why I got into it."
-Elaine, Community Staff Nurse
"Children often need increased medication and increased care, and sometimes this can be very burdensome for the families, where they don’t actually have the time to be mum and dad to their child, so it’s very important that they are supported in this journey and that they have nurses coming in to the home who are skilled and empathetic and able to show compassion. I know in future, the families look back and feel the time is so valuable"
-Terrie, Clinical Nurse Manager
"To be valued by one's contribution, loyalty, commitment, and hard work is more important than anything else. It inspires us to do better."
-Heide, Community Staff Nurse
"I love doing this job because I feel like you have the continuity of care. I just love that you're contributing in some small part to the benefit of the client and the family. Although I'm caring for her, she gives me so much back, a fabulous little girl she is and how she's touched my heart."
-Margie, Community Staff Nurse

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